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Recently started watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun!

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I won’t be tagging anyone ^_^;

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Anonymous: Not sure if this is a dumb or odd question, But I was wondering how do you know if the sliders you download are compatible with your game patch o.o ? ( tried looking it up but got very little answers maybe because I used the wrong key words xD )

Ah, for the most part sliders don’t need many updates but there’s the occasional game patch that breaks a few of them. Just make sure that you double-check the original slider creator’s site for any updates they may have and don’t forget to install a hack for integrating a greater number of custom sliders!

I’m still crying because I spent 19329328 years editing one photo but can’t upload it because I don’t like the sim’s face .-.


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Anonymous: where can I find the old version of male s-club eyelashes and mesh? the new one (update version) didn't work in game ;~;

I’m quite certain that the “eyelash set II" are the original designs renamed! Those designs are the ones that are currently in my game but they are labelled "set I" in my folder.

As for the old meshes, I’m not sure anon. The new one should accommodate the old designs; perhaps your game patch is incompatible?

Chilling at the arcade.

Super late replies D-:

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Hex (Full name unknown)

"Haha try and catch meee!"

A mischievous thief with an affinity for sharp jewellery, she spends most of her day (or to be exact, the night) eluding the authorities primarily by trickery and deception. Whenever she’s not doing that, you could probably not locate where - or who - she is. No one really knows anything more about her.

Marketable investment.

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