Currently enraptured by the world of Skyrim; unhealthily obsessed with the werewolf twins and completely enamoured by the intricate lore.


Anonymous: I am so sad, why? That's bae! Just show me a CAS picture of him with it? *crying face* C'mon!

I already shut down my game though, I’ll try it on him and maybe upload pictures if he looks decent.

Anonymous: Tell me how you really feel about that hair. On Atlas.

I didn’t put it on Atlas, trolololol.


Ohmygod someone help me, nightcrawler’s new hair is love, it is lifeee

Wah, got tagged by goatsimmer for the 5 facts but I answered privately by accident ;—; anyways, um:

  1. I’ve recently developed an addiction for double chocolate frappuccinos.
  2. Punctuality is perhaps my greatest weakpoint.
  3. My favourite anime character is L from Death Note.
  4. My current facebook cover photo is Ton Heukels.
  5. I cry a little inside seeing people’s illustrastions of their beautiful OCs, wishing I could do the same ;—;
Anonymous: Who do you think I am?

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named :-ooo Lol, I’m not sure to be honest, please reveal yourself to meee

pnmai replied to your post:Replies ~
what else? ;0 hmmmm

Obviously the other perfect thing is you image

pnmai: *throws lollipop at ya* (/∇\*)=3=3 okay buh bye

Wait, no come back!! >A<


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Anonymous: I think you know who I am huh?

I do have my suspicions but I can’t guarantee their accuracy..

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